A glorious cat staring down upon shoes
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Shoes Smell Good

I really love shoes. I own a thousand pairs. The humans wear them, but really all the shoes are mine, even if the humans like to pretend otherwise. I have boots, high heels, flip flops, sandals, worn down sneakers. The older the shoe, the better. Have you ever taken time to just smell a shoe? Nestle your nose right up to it and take a deep breath? If you haven’t, fix this problem immediately. Do it. Older shoes are better, because they’ve been more places and held feet more often. I want you to find your oldest, moldiest, favorite shoe. Push your nose against it. INHALE. Don’t exhale for a few seconds. You want the full experience. Finally, exhale. Repeat this a few times. You can even put your hands in the shoes and just wear them around for a while. Trust me. Take this advice. Tell me how you feel after you do it.


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