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Other Animals

Now that there’s testimonials on my website from the other animals I live with, I feel like I should describe them. If you want to see the testimonials, just scroll to the bottom on my home page.

Tragically, I am forced to share my living quarters with many other animals. A dog named Indy constantly distracts me with her noise and need for attention. She’s terrified of me, luckily, and will do anything I command her to. When I actually get close enough to her to tell her what to do, that is. She’s gotten quite good at avoiding me.

I would love to eat the finches. There’s 11 of them, and they’re all bite-sized. I like to spend hours staring at them, fantasizing about playing with them before eating them. Occasionally, I try to tackle one of their cages. The humans always shoo me away, though. Someday, maybe, I’ll get to taste their feathery little bodies.

The hamster Lucy is a strange enigma. She only appears in the house at night time, in a see-through orb that I can’t penetrate. She moves quickly and unstoppably in this orb.  If she came out of it for even 2 seconds, she wouldn’t stand a chance against me. Lucy doesn’t care about me, though. She’s never given me a second glance, or a first glance.

Varmit is stupid. She’s lived in the backyard for years, and she spends all her time catching birds, which she rips apart with her four teeth and eats. I’ve watched her do this, and it’s quite fascinating. Varmit likes to taunt me by sunbathing in front of the window. I glare at her, and occasionally slap the window the try to scare her away. She always ignores me, insolent brat.

It’s never not challenging to have to live with these animals. I cant wait for them to leave, whenever and however that might be.


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