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Albert Einstein Poster

There’s a poster of Albert Einstein hanging in one of the rooms of my house. It’s dark blue, mostly focusing on Albert’s face. There’s also mathematical equations in random places on the poster. Albert looks a little sad, perhaps because there’s so many holes in his poster. I like to claw at him. He smells slightly of catnip, and it’s so satisfactory to hook my claws into him and drag down. I also don’t have many other good scratching posts.

Sometimes, I accidentally tear Albert down from the wall. This pisses off my human servants. They’ve had to tack him to the wall.

I like to imagine the sadness in Albert’s eyes when I tear at him. I imagine him pleading with me to leave him alone, trying to figure out why I attack him that why. In my daydreams, I never tell him why. He’s left to question. He’s helpless against me. Mwa ha ha!!


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