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What You Should Know About My Bed

Cat beds seem pretty simple, right? Wrong. We cats are very particular about our beds. Here are some facts about cat beds.

We prefer to have multiple beds to sleep in, because we deserve only the best. Cardboard boxes, see-through plastic containers. Your bed, a big puffy cat bed. It’s especially wonderful when one of these beds is beside a window, so we can sleep in sun rays, and the first thing we see when we wake up is food, aka birds. You’re going to want to make sure we can’t get out through the window, we’ll be hungry.

It’s nice to have a little catnip sprinkled in one corner of the bed. That keeps our bed irresistible to sleep in, and wonderful smelling. But don’t sprinkle it all over the bed. That might get itchy after a while.

Having one or two toys in bed can be nice. But just one or two. If there’s too many, the bed will become crowded, and annoying.

The fluffier the cat bed, the nicer. Make sure to wash the blankets on your human bed. DO NOT step on or bend the cardboard box. Make sure the see-through box is clean, and somewhere the view will be nice. Your cat’s sleeping conditions are very important.


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