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Everyone’s Dying and I Don’t Get It

Lately, the humans in my house have just been lying around in the dark. Sometimes they’ll look at their phones or TV screens. They rarely move. A few of them will cough incessantly, and it’s so annoying to listen to. One likes to pound on the table with his fist while he coughs, and I just roll my eyes so hard.

They’ve all been paying much less attention to me lately, which I can hardly believe. Shouldn’t my cat beauty cure them immediately? Instead, they just get annoyed at me even faster when I try to run around the house and do my exercises. So, I spend my time sleeping in my beds. I’ve gotten a bit lazy. There’s no one to play with me! Even the stupid dog is sleeping more than ever.

I really hope this spell of boredom will end soon. It’s so sickening to listen to humans puke, complain, and cough all day.


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