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I’m the Smartest

You probably assume that your cat doesn’t pay much attention to what you do. WRONG. We are always watching. We gather information from everything we see, and remember it forever. There are three human children in the house I live in. For years, I have watched them do their homework. I’ve studied their lifestyle, read books over their shoulders. “Haha, funny cat” they think. They won’t be laughing when I take over the world.

Did I just say that?

Anyways, did I mention that books have a really nice texture and scent? I love to sleep on them. When someone in my house brings home new books from the bookstore or library, I like to lie down on them. I like to absorb their information. Some of my favorite books to sleep on are the Harry Potter series, and any school textbooks. I think that I’m a Slytherin. I’d be the best witch ever.


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