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Awesome Cat Takes Online Quizzes!

Online quizzes can either get something completely right, or be over-the-top laughably wrong. Today, I’m taking online quizzes and seeing my results. The links to the quizzes I take are at the end of this blog post. Alright, let’s get started. I’d better get amazing results completely accurate to my personality.

Which Avenger Are You?

Alright, so there’s sound effects. Don’t usually see that on quizzes. Ugh, I really hate when I’m asked what my biggest flaw is. Like? I have no flaws, you puny human.
My results: I am Iron Man! Apparently, I’m a bit of each Avenger. I’m:
30% Iron Man.
14% Black Widow
14% Thor
14% Hawkeye
14% The Hulk
7% Captain America
7% Nick Fury.
Alright, that was a decent quiz. I liked the sound effects, very innovative.

Get In Loser And Take This “Mean Girls” Quiz To Find Out Which Plastic You Are

I’m a huge Mean Girls fan, obviously. This quiz should be perfect for me.
My results: Karen Smith
WHAT THE HECK?? NO??? I am obviously Regina George! How is this a real quiz? Karen Smith is dumb and wimpy. Regina George is smart, pretty, and conquers everything she does, like me.

Which “Clueless” Character Are You?

I love Clueless as much as I love Mean Girls. Hopefully this quiz will go better than the last one did.
My results: Cher
Yes! Although Cher isn’t as smart as I am, she’s got good fashion sense. I’m pleased with these results.

Which Lorde Song Are You?

Lorde is awesome, needless to say. This quiz is very important.
My results: White Teeth Teens
I would prefer Royals, honestly.

Like this post if you want me to take more quizzes!

The Quizzes I Took:
Which Avenger Are You?
Get In Loser And Take This “Mean
Girls” Quiz To Find Out Which Plastic You Are

Which “Clueless” Character Are You?
Which Lorde Song Are You?


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