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I Chew On Pineapples

“She chews on pineapples under the sea…Kittsy Squarepants!”

That’s not a real quote from anything. The human servants like to sing that to me when I chew on pineapple leaves. They aren’t mocking me, they just want me to have a glorious meal.

I prefer my pineapple leaves fresh. However, I don’t mind them crunchy. When the humans bring pineapples home, I chew on them as soon as I possibly can. I like the taste, all green and crisp. I like the persistence it takes to eat a whole leaf. I also love how much it annoys the humans when I chew on pineapples.

Also, what pineapples are to me is what spinach is to Popeye. I couldn’t live without it.

Pineapples give me superpowers.

Pineapple picture from 11 Amazing Benefits of Pineapple


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