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Grimm Fairy Tales Are Awesome

One of the humans owns a book of Grimm Fairy Tales. The book cover is very awesome. It has red trees that look like they could eat you alive. The pages are gold and shiny, which I absolutely adore. I could go on and on about the book’s appearance forever, but it’s what’s inside that I find slightly disturbing.

I haven’t read all of the fairy tales inside the book. There’s 211 stories, and I’m a busy cat. The ones that I have read are all very gory, and disturbing. You shouldn’t read them before bedtime, unless you’re into that sort of thing.

I don’t understand why humans would spend time writing something like this. They write about murder, instead of going out into the world to murder. Do you think it says something about what you want in life when you spend all your time writing about killing? I can’t judge the writers of these fairy tales, of course. You should see the way I play with my prey before I kill it.

If you want to read a Grimm fairy tale, I suggest you start with The Juniper Tree. But be warned, there is the gory murder of a child, and accidental cannibalism. And a singing bird.


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