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The Purpose of Cat Tunnels

Have you ever looked at a cat tunnel and said to yourself, “Why would my cat need that? That looks ridiculous”. WRONG. Perhaps, you looked at a cat tunnel and thought “That looks awesome! I’m gonna buy 5 of those, and I don’t even have a cat!” Well, good for you buddy.

A cat tunnel doesn’t need much explanation. It’s an easily movable, extremely fun tunnel for a cat. They’re very simple, and pretty cheap. I highly recommend purchasing a cat tunnel. They come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, and colors, so it’s important to buy the one your cat will enjoy the most.

There are MILLIONS of things your cat can do with their cat tunnel. It’s so freaking exciting. For you humans, it’s like finding a 20 dollars on the ground, I guess. A cat can hide in their tunnel until a human passes by, and then pounce of the human! IT’s so scary for the human, and just absolutely delightful all around. God, I love cat tunnels. Sometimes you can just walk back and forth through the cat tunnel for hours. Or hide in it to avoid humans. Have I mentioned that cat tunnels are great for hiding in? I mainly use my cat tunnel for sneak attacks.

I have a cat tunnel. It’s green and silver, and very crinkly, so it makes a lot of noise when I walk through it. At night, when the humans try to sleep, I love to walk back and forth through my tunnel. It makes so much noise, and keeps the humans awake. They kind of hate it, but are they really going to take away my precious tube? No, I think not. Of course if they did, they’d all wake up to find cat poop in their pillows.

Now, go buy cat tunnel. Do it. I command you to. Buy 7 cat tunnels, even if you’re a fish.


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