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The Vacuum Cleaner

The monstrous, headache-inducing, annoying vacuum cleaner has been on a lot lately. It hate it so much. How am I supposed to work if it’s always making noise and disturbing me? And it’s mostly on at night too, which is when I do most of my activities. The longer the humans are awake, using that vacuum, the less time I get for my activities. It’s awful.

I’m thinking of dismantling the vacuum while the humans are distracted. I’ll tear it apart, scattering bits and pieces of it around the house, backyard, and my litterbox, so they’ll never be able to fully repair it. However, they might spend money to get another vacuum. I still think my plan works in my favor, though. It might be a few nights before they get a new one, which is a few nights of peace for me. And the new vacuum might, hopefully, be quieter.

If you have any tips of murdering vacuums, tell me! I command you to.


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