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Aren’t Bugs Delightful?


That’s the sound a bug makes when you chomp down on it. No more of the fluttering of it’s glossy wings. No more listening to it crawling around on your belongings. No buzz buzz. Just crunch. The salty taste of it in your mouth. It twitches, hoping for just a few more moments of life. But your appetite is far bigger than this creature’s life.

Legs. Head. Wings.

If you’re in a patient mood, you could tear off each leg of the bug, and eat it piece by piece. Like eating licorice while you watch a movie. You could also tear off the head of the bug first, and eat that. Like eating a gummy bear’s head. Sometimes, when eating the wings, you’ll get a piece of the wing stuck to the back of your throat. Like popcorn. Wings are delicate, easily torn, easily eaten. You could dip them in milk and then eat them.

Bugs are so delightful.


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