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Everyone likes to imagine their life as a movie sometimes. Even if they know they definitely aren’t movie star material. I was born to be a star at everything. Therefore, there should be a movie about me.

Imagine it! A movie about my life. It would be truly timeless and captivating. It would make millions of dollars. I could buy another mansion. My face would be on the cover of every magazine.

It doesn’t have to be just imagination, people. Anyone reading this is free to try to make a movie about me… hint hint.

To be honest, I wouldn’t mind a TV show about me either. The cameras could follow my around as I live my exciting life. The audience would never be bored. Every episode would have my name in the title. “Kittsy is an Airplane Pilot”, “Fun Fact: Everyone Loves Kittsy”. There should be both a TV show and a movie about me!

I have some ideas for merchandise about me too. Cat sweaters with my face. Coffee mugs with my face, or things I’ve said. Cat toys inspired by yours truly. Let’s make this a reality!


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