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You would not believe the day I had. Honestly, I am exhausted. Can someone get me a glass of water? Jeez. I am so glad that I’m currently lying on my fluffy bed. Finally, I get some peace and quiet.

So, I’ll explain my tiring day to you. I expect you to weep in sympathy and then send me candy and flowers. I woke up at 7:00 AM. I know, early, ugh. I had a business meeting to attend and I wanted to be the first person there. There were so many cats at the meeting, I had to hiss and occasionally knock over someone’s drink just to be heard. It was the worst. Thankfully, I got what I wanted by the end of the meeting. I happen to be very intimidating, and I had dirt on everyone attending that meeting. MWA HA HA.

After the meeting, I went home and began my exercises. However, I was rudely interrupted when the two boys who live in my house woke up. Not only did they insist on yelling at the video games they played, they let that dog <a href=""Indy into the house. I can’t even. How was I supposed to exercise as much as I wanted to? I decided to run around the smallest room in the house, which belongs to one of the humans. She was trying to sleep, but I didn’t care. I ran around as much as I wanted to. She’s lazy, so she wasn’t about to get out of bed and try to stop me.

After exercising, I had lunch. I have food in my bowl, but I ate it from the cat food bag instead. It was so much more fun. All the humans gave me dirty looks. Apparently they don’t like it when I eat food before they scoop it into a bowl for me. Whatever. Like I care what they think.

After lunch, I sat down and caught up on emails. I receive quite a few messages per day, you know. I’m popular. I read a book for a couple hours, then read through my schedule for the next week.

Then I puked. Ugh. I hadn’t felt very sick previously, just slightly nauseous. I figured I was fine. Apparently not! A human cleaned up the puke, and now, here I lie in my bed. Tired. Miserable. And yet, still working on my blog.

You should all be happy I exist.


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